Bionic Arm was a lo-fi pop music four-track project between the years of 1996 and 2002, originating in Paw Paw, Michigan and terminating in Brooklyn, New York. Despite it being over three years since the official end of the project, I still encounter "new" material on a regular basis when digging through old tapes. For this reason and about a hundred others, I've decided to maintain a full archive of Bionic Arm songs available for download in MP3 format on this site, divided by release (if applicable).

Lyrics are available for every song posted save for instrumentals and cover versions. Notes and commentary on "Está Aquí!" will be posted in the near future.

Queries, comments, and sheer confusion can be directed to Joe. If you plan on using any of this music for various projects, please contact me to appease my own curiosity. Thanks!

Download Information: All MP3's are iPod-friendly 128kbps tracks and can be downloaded below. On a Mac, to download, Ctrl-Click the link and select "Save Linked File To Desktop" (or the equivalent, depending on browser). On a PC, right-click and select "Save Target As..." (again, or the equivalent).

Various Media
Electronic Bric-a-Brac
"Know The Joe" by Los Tylenol (~450KB/MP3)
Makeshift Bedroom Panorama from "Creatures" Session, 1997
Bionic Arm Receipt Drawing by Carl Oxley III
Chess Quest Goes To Reno Script
(Rich Text) by Chris Boyce
McCourtie Street Show Flyer
Bionic Arm Está Aquí! Cover

Bionic Arm Está Aquí! LP/CD
May 2000
Quantity: Approx. 230
Sold Out

The first and last Bionic Arm full-length, "Está Aquí!" was recorded between 1996 and late 1999 ("Bilmar's Fetish" being the first, "See You At The Polls" being the last) on a set of three different Tascam 424 Portastudios and a Fostex Multitrack XR7. Random pre-release copies may or may not have had my elusive cover of Hanson's "Mmm-Bop."

01 Thank You (Theatre Mix)
02 You Kicked Me (In The Skull) | lyrics
03 Bilmar's Fetish
04 My Friend The Lush | lyrics
05 Creatures Of Rock | lyrics
06 Untitled With Bongos
07 The Man | lyrics
08 Santa Monica (Everclear Cover)
09 Screw You | lyrics
10 Spontaneous Combustion | lyrics
11 Hey, Mr. DJ (They Might Be Giants Cover)
12 Redsled | lyrics
13 Starshine (Moondogs Cover)
14 Don't Cry For Me, Argentina (Madonna Cover)
15 You Kicked Me In The Skull (Live) | lyrics
16 Stalked | lyrics
17 Chess Quest Goes To Reno (Sufficient Condition Cover)
18 I'm Going To Sleep | lyrics
19 See You At The Polls | lyrics

Frequency Stowaway EP/CD
October 2000
Quantity: Unknown

Created originally as an EP on CD-R for promotional purposes. In the long run, I only sent out a handful of copies and gave the rest away to friends and other interested parties. "Running Through My Mind" made its only appearance on this release alongside three "Bionic Arm Está Aquí!" staples.

01 Running Through My Mind | lyrics
02 Stalked | lyrics
03 Screw You | lyrics
04 My Friend The Lush | lyrics

Live at McCourtie Street
June 2000
A recording taken from the 8mm video recording of the only Bionic Arm show ever. 98% of the show was my nervous chatter, which is somewhat evident by the few salavageable clips (only a portion of the show is posted below). The 2% of show that was actual music was hindered by the same nerves that brought the aforementioned nervous chatter. There were two contests, however, and it was originally meant to be a CD release party for "Bionic Arm Está Aquí!." Click here for the flyer.

01 You Kicked Me (In The Skull)
02 An Offensive Joke
03 A Night Ends Correct (Intro)
04 A Night Ends Correct | lyrics
05 Straight-Edge Vodka Anecdote
06 Screw You | lyrics
07 Redsled (feat. Joe Diprima) | lyrics

Songs We Learned In Texas
Mild7 Covers Benefit CD
December 2000
Quantity: Unknown
Available on Amazon
The one-take bedroom recording project Mild7 asked me (and others) to cover their songs for a benefit compilation. All proceeds went to the Houston-area's Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor, a no-kill shelter for homeless animals.

Russian Love (Mild7 Cover)

Unreleased & Demo
4 Guitar Instrumental, Take One
4 Guitar Instrumental, Take Two
A Night Ends Correct | lyrics
An Afternoon | lyrics
Bungalow Bill (Beatles Cover)
Chris (The Uncle Song) | lyrics
Drum Machine & Phone Calls
Fast Times At Cyclotron Chaos Lab | lyrics
Fresh Snow On The Sidewalk | lyrics
He Said/She Said | lyrics
Meatloaf (Demo)
Meatloaf (Everyone Wants A Piece) | lyrics
Russian Love (feat. Russ Gold)
Sorry (Or Something) | lyrics
The Key Of G | lyrics
Vacation To Cleveland | lyrics

All songs written and performed by Bionic Arm unless otherwise noted.
Unauthorized duplication and transfer is encouraged.